Our strength lies in our capacity to leverage data and trends to craft compelling narratives – Modion Communications CEO

The Chief Executive Officer of Modion Communications, Odion Aleobua, is just fresh from receiving marketing communications industry accolade as Nigeria’s ‘Outstanding PR Personality of The Year’ at the just concluded 2018 edition of the Marketing Edge Brands & Advertising Excellence Awards which held on Friday, July 6, 2018, at the Balmoral Events Centre, Oregun, Lagos. But he is not keen to celebrate, insisting that the team is hungry for more laurels, international laurels.

A year earlier, the young and emerging public relations firm he established in 2015, was recognised as the Outstanding Young PR agency of the year. Odion told BusinessDay that the successive accolades have humbled him and his team. “To be recognised by the industry for the work we do at Modion Communications, is a testament that we evolving into market leadership quite well. This is a significant milestone for the PR agency we founded in 2015, just three years ago. We have now graced this podium twice in two years, back-to-back, year-on-year in the three years since our establishment. This is an indication that we are driving our vision of being Africa’s most respected PR agency in the right direction and must continue to produce compelling and superior ideas for our clients,” Mr. Aleobua said.

“We understand that though we are a very young agency, we have been able to touch brands and corporates that are way older. We take that opportunity to demonstrate our capacity to these brands very seriously. Which is what we are eternally grateful to brands like Oando, Leadway Assurance, Lagos State Government, Arcskills, Axxela, Rainoil, Nexus, Lumus Nigeria, Platform Petroleum, Nepal Oil, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Nigerian Gas Association (NGA) to mention but a few, for believing in our ability to drive or shape their narrative or their reputation building efforts.

“Working with this calibre of clients had been instrumental in our continually pushing the envelope to ensure we deliver the most thought-provoking PR initiatives at all times and at different levels, even under the tightest of schedules. We will continue to develop new initiatives, give insights and as well create mind-blowing innovations that will shape how the end users perceive our clients in line with achieving brand objectives. We will continue to show competence as we offer dynamic, strategic, client-tailored initiatives in our quest for providing unique solutions with unparalleled excellence.”

Mr. Aleobua, who prior to starting Modion Communications, was the head honcho of the brand and communications unit at the NSE-listed Forte Oil PLC, said the strength in the team lies in their capacity to leverage data and trends to deliver compelling PR initiatives and crafting creative narrative for their clients. “Today’s world is not only driven by those who use data to deepen their enterprise but also those who can creatively unpack the data to positively position for market disruption or leadership.

“We understand the place of data in creating relatable narratives for our clients, hence the reason for setting aside a team dedicated to research and data mining. In fact, in the next two years, we would chiefly be a research-led PR agency, providing deeper insights into our clients’ markets, their customers’ behaviours and the stakeholders’ sentiments. In the longer term, we intend to infuse technology into every aspect of our operations, such that the evaluation of our initiatives will take a completely new dimension and meaning. We want to be able to digitally measure the affinity levels from our initiatives in a live and uncontrolled situation and environment.”

Odion revealed that Modion Communications will be partnering with international agencies to deliver a robustly packaged Image Building offering for emerging Chief Executives who want to build their public image in the face of their new roles that requires thought leadership and elocution above and beyond their technical skills.

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