The question of the relevance of hiring a PR agency has become a focal point in recent times among early and mid-stage organisation executives. Many may wonder why this is so given that early and mid-term organisations should be at the forefront of aggressively building a strong image and brand for themselves using creative PR strategy and digital marketing techniques. Well, this reaction is understandably so because of the uncertainty of gaining traction in the industry or key market even after huge marketing spends.

Also, there is the assertion that businesses and organisations understand their goals and objectives and are better placed in knowing the best approach and strategy to adopt in driving top of mind awareness for their brand. Not just this, some others think that PR agencies are more interested in the money they can get from their clients. While this is debatable, the pitfall however for businesses and organisations which do not have the requisite skills to come up with creative PR strategy or the in-house resource to execute, and are unwilling to hire the services of a PR agency, are likely not to capture the attention of customers and prospects which ultimately will prevent actualisation of the desired business results that create long-term success.

Contrary to the assumptions listed above, a PR agency can be a strategic partner in helping its clients manage their relationships with stakeholders successfully. For instance, an excellent PR agency that with the capability to plan and execute, can help clients gain product/service message clarity by developing the messages that cut across all of its PR and digital marketing efforts and are relatable to the brand’s various publics. In the same vein, they can also help identify the variety of vehicles for amplifying key messages. The benefits of working with an agency is the opportunity to tap into the knowledge that comes with working on multiple accounts. This single most important capability gives an agency the edge in tracking and adapting to trends that could easily be passed to multiple brands.

That said, a PR organisation can also help clients attract investors. Getting the right visibility and mentions at the right place, at the right time can help attract investors. The agency can also proactively monitor the brand’s reputation, especially in this era of the influential and viral social and digital media capabilities. No investor wants to invest in a business that is crisis-riddled or whose brand and reputation is in bad shape. As a matter of fact, major organisations have been dealt a severe blow, evidence in acute drop in share price on back of negative mentions in the media. The recent case study being Facebook, which was involved in data scandal and Tesla whose CEO; Elon Musk’s ‘pedo’ remark caused the company a downward slide in share price movement. Great communications can be the difference between the fast growth or slow death of an establishment. To this end, businesses and organizations must do well to engage a reputable PR agency like Modion Communications which is skilled at handling all forms of PR portfolios.

Indeed, hiring a PR agency remains a smart move if you have clear goals and objectives for your businesses to connect with its target stakeholder. Getting a professional to handle your brand for you and direct you on how you tell your story to win a customer, client and investment is a sure way to lead the pack in this ever-competitive world where consistent innovation is disrupting well-structured industries and businesses.






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